The team of Acts 4 understands this is a tough time for those requesting items, especially furniture. We provide a loving and discrete process, complete with a review of the client’s circumstances that make them eligible to receive furniture. Below are basic guidelines to follow when the need for furniture is great.

Who Receives Furniture?

Residence of the Greater Waterbury area

How Do I Receive Furniture?

To be considered for receiving furniture from Acts 4, clients are asked to apply in person at our facility located on 1713 Thomaston Ave. on Wednesday and Fridays between 10:00AM and 1:00PM. We will answer any questions regarding our procedure for receiving furniture at that time. Please bring a photo ID and papers showing what aid you receive. Persons in need of furniture are expected to pay a fee, or volunteer with us based on their needs. Once the interview and fee and/or volunteer hours are complete, arrangements will be made for a home visit to survey the client’s situation and locate the apartment for delivery. Delivery will be arranged after completion of the first two steps. A limit of 30 family requests will be accepted each month.

Where Do I Go if I Need…?

Infant Furniture
To meet the needs of our clients with infants, Acts 4 has set a great working relationship with Hope Crisis Pregnancy Center. Please contact them directly by stating you are a referral from Acts 4.

Website: Click here

Address: 110 Main St, Cheshire, CT 06410

Phone: (203) 271-2703


Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 4:00PM
Saturday and Sunday CLOSED

Additional Furniture

Acts 4 provides furniture to those in need ONCE. If you need additional furniture, you can volunteer at our facility or, purchase the item at a reduced rate in our thrift store. Please contact 203-574-2287 for more information.

Clothing and Housewares
  • Men's, womens and children's clothing is available
  • Shoes are also available.
  • We also have some housewares and bedding available.
  • You may come twice a year to receive clothing, once for summer weight items and once for winter weight items.
  • You must provide a photo ID before we can serve you.
  • The facility is generally open by appointment only for these hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. Please call (203) 574-2287 and leave your name and phone number and what you need. Somebody will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Please check our phone message for current hours before you make the journey to our facility. We depend on volunteers and sometimes they are not available on the scheduled days.
  • Down Town Ministry sets up at 222 West Main St (Waterbury Baptist Church) the last three Mondays of the month. Hours are 11am-1pm. ID required. This is for people who can not make a timely appointment at our facility on Thomaston Avenue for clothing needs.