The team of Acts 4 understands this is a tough time for those requesting items, especially furniture. We provide a loving and discrete process, complete with a review of the client’s circumstances that make them eligible to receive furniture. Below are basic guidelines to follow when the need for furniture is great.

Who Receives Furniture?

Residence of the Greater Waterbury area

How Do I Receive Furniture?

To be considered for receiving furniture from Acts 4, clients are asked to apply in person at our facility by appointment only. Please call 203-574-2287 to schedule your appointment time. We will answer any questions regarding our procedure for receiving furniture at that time. Please bring a photo ID and papers showing what aid you receive. A delivery fee or volunteer hours will need to be completed. For Greater Waterbury residents the fee is $50 or 10 hours of volunteer work and outside of Greater Waterbury it is $100 or 10 hours of volunteer work. Either option is required to receive furniture. Once completed, a home visit will be scheduled to survey your needs and locate your home for ease of furniture delivery. Once all steps have been completed, a delivery will be arranged.

Where Do I Go if I Need…?

Infant Furniture
To meet the needs of our clients with infants, Acts 4 has set a great working relationship with Hope Pregnancy Center. Please contact them directly by stating you are a referral from Acts 4.

Website: Click here

Address: 110 Main St, Cheshire, CT 06410

Phone: (203) 271-2703


HOPE Operating Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 4:00PM, Saturday and Sunday CLOSED

Additional Furniture

Acts 4 provides furniture to those in need ONCE. If you need additional furniture, you can volunteer at our facility or, purchase the item at a reduced rate in our thrift store. Please contact 203-574-2287 for more information.


At Our Building
You must be a resident of Waterbury, or the Greater Waterbury area, and be experiencing financial hardship. We ask that you make an appointment by calling our main number 203-574-2287. You will be required to bring a photo id and verification of your income. You may make 2 appointments per year, 1 per season (winter/ fall and spring/summer) for you, your spouse, and your dependent children.