Become a Financial Supporter

The support you provide to Acts 4 helps us continue to provide the basic needs of so many within the Greater Waterbury area.

We accept monetary donations in the form of cash, money order, check or credit card.

Please download our pledge card here when sending in your contribution. All contributions are tax deductible donations. A letter will be sent to your address at the end of the year stating the history of your support during the calendar year.

Please make checks payable to Acts 4 Ministry, Inc. and mail the amount to:

Acts 4 Ministry, Inc.
P.O. Box 4524
Waterbury, CT 06704
Attn: Fundraising Committee

Please note: we are revising our online giving with credit card. Should you like to donate via credit card, we ask that you call us directly to process your payment, Monday, Wednesday or Friday 8:30am 4:30pm. Please contact Elena Stojanova at 203-574-2287 or by email

We honored, encourage and excited about your contribution!